Kate Oakden


I started at B.Physical in 2012, I had no dedication to the gym and went once a week at a push as I didn’t enjoy exercise at all. I found spending hours in the local gym boring.

I was over 13 stone and a big size 14 wanting to lose weight and get fit but had no direction. I started by being dragged along to a Friday night Box n’ Burn class with my friend who had been personal training with Barry.

I couldn’t quite understand why she was so enthusiastic about exercise, but her results were amazing so I was willing to give it a go.

After one class at B.Physical I was hooked. The classes are motivating, fun and enjoyable. Every day is a different class and each class is well prepared and explained in full, which helps me get the best out of my workout and value for money.

I really enjoy going to B.Physical as I know within an hour of arriving I will have had a great workout – no more spending two hours in the gym and seeing no improvements.

I now do three or four classes a week – I would go every day if I could.

Barry and Di are both very welcoming and encouraging, they take the time to get to know you, which from the word go makes you feel comfortable and part of something.

Without B.Physical I would still be trying every diet going, visiting the gym once a week and wondering why I wasn’t reaching my goals.

With Barry’s guidance I now eat healthily, exercise regular and am constantly setting myself new goals and reaching every goal I set.

I am now a size 10, 11 stone and hooked on healthy living!