Natalie Williams


I started going to B.Physical after years of just going to local gyms, sitting on the bike and going on a few machines but not really knowing what I was doing. I’d heard of a few people who had been personal training with Barry and were really impressed so, when he began doing classes, it was my chance to try it out.

I loved it from day one and have never looked back! Over the years I’ve watched the classes grow and as classes were filling to the max instead of limiting the numbers Barry put on back-to-back classes so no one missed out. He’s always got a smile and few words for every single person who walks through the door – the encouragement he gives everyone has helped boost so many people’s confidence!

I work in a small business in Ashbourne and Barry’s massive success stories, from helping people to lose huge amounts of weight and keep it off, to getting people fit who would never of dreamed of stepping into a gym and encouraging people to go for their dreams and do events and help them every step of the way, is always a topic of conversation.

No matter who you are, everyone’s always made to feel welcome by Barry. I am a self-confessed B.Physical addict and I’m not alone… there are lots of us in Ashbourne!