Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardiovascular equipment workouts at B.Physical

Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.

Aerobic literally means ‘living in air’ and refers to the use of oxygen to adequately meet energy demands during exercise via aerobic metabolism.

Generally, light-to-moderate intensity activities that are sufficiently supported by aerobic metabolism can be performed for extended periods at an ideal intensity of between 60-85% of maximum heart rate.

With everything from free weights and cross trainers to the latest bikes from RealRyders, the B.Physical studio has all the equipment you need on the road to fitness and wellbeing.

Our team can help with workout plans, dietary advice and supplements.

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Whatever your shape, size, and fitness level, B.Physical is for everyone.

If you want to lose weight, get fit and feel great then one of our high-energy workout classes could be just what you need.

Our purpose built studio has everything you need for getting fit, making new friends and feeling great.

Research indicates that group training increases people’s discipline, intensity and enjoyment. The greatest spin-off from any B.Physical fitness class will be the camaraderie and motivation you’ll receive from each of your B.Physical workout teammates.

The B.Physical fitness centre in Ashbourne boasts the latest fitness equipment and a range of unique fitness and group training sessions.

Our qualified instructors work with members to ensure optimal results.

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