Mandy Allen


A year and a half ago I was at a stage in my life where I was considerably overweight and not at all happy with myself. I would try to exercise at different classes but would not keep it up. I attempted running but gave up.

My daughter heard about Barry Thraves at B.Physical, so I rang to enquire and we went to our first circuit’s class. I absolutely loved it! Everyone was so helpful and friendly.

I began to lose weight by attending the different classes available and was able to start running as well, the encouragement that Bphysical give to everyone that walks through their door is amazing.

I owe it all to Barry, Di, Mick and the B.Physical team. I am a new, confident, outgoing, happy person and love exercise.

Barry has that special something that makes you want to do more and more and better yourself. I lost my Dad earlier this year and I am sure that the exercise helped me get through this difficult time and made be stronger mentally to deal with it.

I thank B.Physical for giving me a new lease of life.