Sadie Alcock


I met Barry Thraves in June 2010 as one of his first clients. Barry was made redundant earlier that year and decided to follow his dream to become a personal trainer.

Naturally I was dubious and nervous about having a PT. Barry put me at ease from the consultation despite it being new to him too. He has natural flare for the fitness industry!

Barry trained me throughout a full pregnancy, he researched safe training methods at each stage and modified my workouts. Since then he’s created a sensible weight loss/training programme to ensure I meet my goals.

Three years on I am genuinely happy with my eating habits and my body, neither of which were the case before working with Barry. He shares his knowledge and empowers his clients to be the best they can be!

B.Physical’s brand has developed unbelievably in the last few years – I am confident in saying that the population of Ashbourne is familiar with the services B.Physical offers!

He has brought the local community together through charity events and classes, achieved phenomenal results for weight loss and fitness and created a venue to form new friendships. I am proud and pleased to be part of the welcoming and friendly culture Barry has created.

Since meeting Barry he has developed his own skill set achieving the following qualifications:

  • Level 3 in Advanced Fitness Instructing
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • RealRyder CPO training workshop
  • Metafit

He has also set up a variety of classes to stay ahead of the competition, small and large, including Real Ryder, Metafit and Bokwa, as well as creating unique classes such as Box ‘n’ Burn.

Barry has hundreds of positive attributes, the main ones for me are as follows:

1 He genuinely cares about his clients and he is continually looking at new ways for them to achieve their optimum results.

2 He understands us, he considers our daily lives, diets and our goals and finds a balance with us.

3 Barry’s philosophy is to ‘grow daily’ by learning – within his own fitness goals, his qualifications and the training that he offers at his personal training/gym/class facility. Unlike most personal trainers and people in general, Barry considers his own areas for development and sets out to conquer them.

4 Over the three years, Barry has become a very good friend whom I trust implicitly.

5 Barry is extremely passionate about offering the very best service in all areas – nutritional, fitness, general wellbeing and confidence.