The solution for busy people who want to fire up their energy levels or are sick of feeling 50%…

You’re in the right place if…

  • You’ve had enough of feeling fearful and want to get a grip of your health and fitness.
  • You’re frustrated with being ‘on the wagon’ and then ‘off the wagon’ and you’re ready to stop those same old patterns.
  • You’re ready to get a handle on procrastinating and putting things off and become a decisive action take who gets results.
  • You want to feel on top of your thoughts and emotions so that you can feel happy and positive.
  • You struggle to implement good habits and always end up going back to bad habits.
  • You feel like every day is the same – hard, tiring and boring and you want to live a life full of energy, passion and purpose.
  • You’re ready to make the shift from being uninspired, lost and stuck in a rut to feeling onĀ fire and on purpose.

WARNING: This programme is NOT for you if…

  • You’re ‘okay’ with staying the same, feeling the same and doing the same old stuff.
  • You’re looking for a magic pill that’ll make all your problems go away.
  • You’re not willing to get a handle on your old habits and take on new ones.
  • You’re not really serious about stepping up and getting your life together.
  • You’re not committed to looking for new ways of doing things and implementing new structure and strategies.
  • You’re committed to your old thoughts and habits and you’re not ready to do what it wakes to give yourself a new lease of life.


Helen used to attend classes regularly but lost her mojo - now it's back! Helen achieved some
awesome results and is now coming more frequently than ever before, with huge improvements in energy levels In just the few weeks since she started back, she's dropped an impressive half stone of fat. Back in the game!


Jase joined us with very little previous gym experience so wanted to give himself a kickstart and gain our help to improve his nutrition. Jase took advantage of a personalised programme from his coach which meant he could come in at convenient times and make it fit around his work and home life.
6 weeks later he's smashed his goals and loving his new found strength and energy!


Katie threw herself in to classes from the get go with a brilliant "can do" attitude and got some amazing results to show for it! Katie also took dietary advice off her coach along her 6 week journey and made small but important changes which gave way to such fantastic results after just 6 weeks!

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • You wake up every morning feeling
  • All of your friends and family are inspired by the change in you because you do what you said you would and keep your promises
  • You can go onto the weekend knowing you aren’t going to fall back into old habits or self-destruct because you’re not on a strict fad diet
  • You’re able to STAY ON TRACK with your good habits for LIFE
  • Anxiety, overwhelm and low moods are a distant memory
  • No matter what happens, you’re able to handle WHATEVER comes your way with confidence and self-belief
  • Your thoughts are positive, your actions are in line with what you want, and your feelings are empowering
  • You’re a decisive action taker who no longer procrastinates and put things off
  • You’re able to say ‘no’ to the things that slow you down because you have a life that’s so exiting you have no room for old negativity
  • You’re surrounded by people that inspire you to be better rather than try and drag you down

Join Kickstart Method today and you'll get...

Free 6 week trial of a MyZone heart rate monitor

Free Bphysical Drawstring bag, notepad and pen

Your own coach to personalise your journey

Personalised food advice and gym programme design

Access to our high energy, small group workouts

Knowledgeable staff available to talk to daily