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It's a really friendly environment to workout in and everyone is so supportive.

“I came to BPhysical initially to support my partner. I bought a voucher for us both to start the 6 Week Foundation Course, with a view to improving fitness and generally to feel better. Although it was a present to him, I also needed to get my act together, but vowed ‘gyms weren’t for me’ and was quite frankly daunted by the prospect.

The Team were happy to show me round the facilities before I joined so that I felt comfortable that this was something me and my partner could do together and the setup looked great. What I really liked was the flexibility of doing both classes and gym work – at times that I could fit into my day. You meet all types of characters, and whatever your level you won’t feel out of place, particularly in the ‘Foundation class’ which is where I started. We are all of varying abilities but happy to take things at our own pace.

We are both so happy that we took the step – it’s a really friendly environment to workout in and everyone is so supportive. We have never looked back and have improved both our body shape and overall feeling of wellbeing. My partner says it’s the best thing he’s ever done.

Barry, Di, Ollie, Ryan and Jaime have all been so welcoming and supportive and encourage the friendly non-judgemental feeling at BPhysical. They are on hand to chat through workout programmes and nutrition. They give you all the tools and the encouragement to push yourself and reach and exceed your goals, but ultimately it’s up to you to put the effort in, and I’m so glad that I took that step.”


I knew I was always going to join BPhysical because it has the best equipment in Ashbourne.

“I am keen golfer that is fast approaching 50 years old. Sometimes playing 3 times a week, I have found I was getting a few more aches and pains in my joints and feeling fatigued after a round of golf and recovery was taking longer. Not only that but had added a few pounds in areas that I had never had them before. 

I have been thinking of joining a gym for a while, but never actually done anything about it. I knew I was always going to join BPhysical because it has the best equipment in Ashbourne in my opinion.

My main concerns were that I had not used a gym in a while and forgot how to do some of the exercises and use some of the equipment. After I had a discussion with Barry, he provided me with a full body workout and showed me how to use some of the machines. This was a perfect starting point for me as it got all my muscles used to exercising again. I have also asked other staff and members when un-sure of how to do something and everyone will be very helpful in my experience.

Barry also advised on what foods I should be eating more and less of. I didn’t want follow a structed plan, I do however use Barry’s advice when choosing my meals.

I have now been using the gym for about 4 months and have definitely seen a change in my physique, lost a few pounds in areas that I would like too and give me confidence and just made me feel more energetic as a whole.

No matter how good or how bad each workout is in the gym or when sometimes I don’t feel like exercising, I always say one thing to myself which is ‘ keep showing up’. As long as I do this, I can guarantee the results will come.”


I am now comfortable working out in the gym by myself due to Ollie giving me the knowledge.

I joined Bphysical just under a year ago, I have regular PT’s with Ollie and attend two fitness classes a week. 

The classes are great, I always finish a class feeling motivated and looking forward to the next one. The group atmosphere, music and enthusiastic coaches help push me to my limits. 

Setting goals in my PT’s has been very successful. Whether it be a running event I am training for or improving my strength and technique.

I am now comfortable working out in the gym by myself due to Ollie giving me the knowledge to perfect my technique on each exercise to get maximum benefit out of each muscle group being trained. 

I actually feel like I am learning a new skill in a place where all the staff are very welcoming and approachable. 

I highly recommend Bphysical to anyone.”


There’s such a good vibe for a diverse group of members at all levels.

“I’ve been a member of gyms every year for 30 years, from Virgin and David Lloyd to local gyms around the UK, BPhysical is top of the list. They keep top quality equipment perfectly serviced and give amazing support and guidance in a proper down to earth way. There’s such a good vibe for a diverse group of members at all levels. I really feel part of a community.

have Personal Training too, something I’ve done for 20 years. Big shout out to Ryan Varro, my PT, whose incredible knowledge comes from being totally passionate about what he’s doing and wanting to help people get to their next level – whether that’s health and wellbeing or strength and conditioning. BPhysical works genuinely with, not ‘at’ people. They care, massively. That’s a rare thing in gyms.”


Jaime motivates me at every stage so that I am able to achieve the best I can.

“I had reached a point in my life that I needed to improve my health and fitness. I thought that gaining some strength in my upper body would help me improve my general day to day activities following an operation on my left arm a few years ago. Having not attended a gym for many years, the thought of it was quite daunting for a lady of my age and fitness level. I had watched my daughter for the last year attend a gym with a personal trainer and it had made huge changes to her body, fitness and mind set. After many discussions, my daughter encouraged me to go to the gym with her.

After a month of attending, she purchased me a Christmas present for lessons with a personal trainer, Jaime. In January I met with Jaime and started my training straight away. She introduced me to a structure of training that was very new to me, weights, bands, and bars. Cardio was all I had known before and worked on. On meeting Jaime, she made me feel relaxed and comfortable and she was welcoming. She asked a lot of questions to get to know me personally and reassured me at every stage. Jaime checks everything I do is comfortable and that I understand what and why I was doing the exercise.

Jaime motivates me at every stage so that I am able to achieve the best I can. It is early days and even though I ache in many places, I feel so much better within myself. Each session is planned for my needs and executed to the highest possible standard. I fully enjoy the session and now I have the confidence to use the different equipment to work on my upper or lower body when I go to the gym on my own. I have full confidence in Jaime’s knowledge and her understanding of what I am trying to achieve.

The Gym is friendly and very welcoming with a great range of equipment. The other gym users offer encouragement, and support – like a small family.  I would highly recommend BPhysical as a gym and encourage people to try a personal trainer that can guide you through a personal programme to meet your needs, to help you get motivated and keep you safe.”


Barry is a very experienced and technically expert trainer, but his greatest strength is his capacity to motivate.

“Back in 2015 I had a big operation which gave me pause for thought. I was out of shape, couldn’t keep up when out walking and generally drifting in the wrong direction health wise. I needed a different approach when someone suggested BPhysical. When I first met Barry, I was pretty nervous, not really sure exercise was my thing after of life of working long hours (at a desk) and eating and drinking too much. Meeting Barry changed my perceptions about what I was and what I could do. He started with simple questions, like ‘what do you enjoy?’ (being outside, dancing), moving to ‘what are you trying to achieve?’ (keeping up with my husband), and by the end of our first chat I was signed up. At this stage I was still pretty apprehensive, but from the start of my first session, Barry made me relaxed and by the end of it I felt empowered and eager for the next one! In the years that followed Barry has taught me a lot about how my body works.

He has helped me recover from injuries, helped me with insoles to correct a flat foot problem, developed my balance and massively improved my strength and general fitness. He is a great listener and keen observer, he will spot aches and pains, without me saying anything and adjust exercises accordingly I started with some PT sessions, but pretty soon I was enjoying the gym even on my own. He is a very experienced and technically expert trainer, but his greatest strength is his capacity to motivate, and push you with encouragement to achieve your goals. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Barry for changing my life.

The gym is first class. The staff and members are all super friendly. The facility itself is maintained to very high standards and there is a huge range of equipment to suit all needs and abilities. All these years on I feel confident, have loads of energy and I am strong! And best of all I can keep up with my husband when we are out and about in the Derbyshire hills.”


This gym caters for all my needs, with an excellent selection of free weights and machines.

BPhysical’s facilities are second to none. I made the move to train up here almost three years ago and have never looked back. As a semi-professional rugby player, my training varies from strength training, power training and cardio. This gym caters for all my needs, with an excellent selection of free weights and machines, an incredible cardio section, that isn’t just the basic machines. The track and prowler and ropes allow me to train with a lot of variety which is hugely important for me and any gym user. 

I train at different times of the day, sometimes evenings, sometimes morning and no matter when I go in there is always someone on hand to help, offer advice and support me. The gym is very welcoming and has a great family feel around it, where everyone supports each other and is looking out for each other. I feel comfortable asking anyone for help and know that they will help and support me.

The gym is going from strength to strength! They update the equipment regularly and listen to us, asking us what machines we would like to see in the gym and then delivering! 

For anyone thinking about joining, I wouldn’t even think twice, there is something for everyone and for all age groups. Pop in today and don’t be afraid to ask! The biggest guys may look scary, but I promise they’ll be the first on hand to help and offer advice.



With personal motivation and the expert support of B.Physical, you’ll start to see the results a focused programme can deliver.